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What does it mean - online streaming

Streaming buffers data downloaded from the server to your computer. Delivered in small pieces, about ten seconds before the listener, then deleted.

It allows reading on the go when the file is downloaded without the possibility of copying. It is therefore an interesting alternative to the use of cultural audiovisual resources: for example, web radios offer reading options and a library with streaming titles, with which the requests of artists of their choice can be listened to and their albums can be created in a queue.

Warning!!! You cannot burn a CD or transfer your favorite songs to your MP3 player. It's a good idea to point young people to streaming media sites to give them free access to the culture they often consider narrow, without the risk of criminal prosecution and piracy-related punishment.

There's nothing better than streaming to watch free movies online without worrying about criminal penalties! Today there are several free and effective streaming sites where you can watch movies and series.

How to watch movies online

I no longer download films, series or music and visit streaming sites. It wasn't always that way ... When I started using the internet as a student in the late 1990s and had access to thousands of songs, films, TV shows or mangas, he could turn his head and drive me crazy with my downloads. Even if the problem of the legality of the download has already been posed...

The Internet connection was more than weak before ADSL and fiber. Downloading a simple song with a size of a few MB can take an hour with a poor internet connection ... Whether in peer-to-peer (via emule download software or torrents) or directly, watching online video content was for most people impossible.

The situation is very different today, with the development of very fast internet connections and streaming, which I mentioned in my article What is Streaming? Have defined. . We remind you that streaming means broadcasting in English. It is a technological process that allows you to listen to online music or watch movies online without having to download this multimedia content from the device's memory (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Legal ways for watching films online

Today I prefer to subscribe to the legitimate premium streaming offer: Spotify (I'm really not a fan of Apple and Deezer music, which was bad on my smartphone at the time) for music and films, Netflix or Amazon Prime Film (for Amazon Prime Subscribers available for free) for me. I subscribed to OCS not too long ago, but stopped after the end of Game of Thrones season eight and watched the excellent Chernobyl series.

These paid legal services are perfect for watching movies / series / manga / cartoons or listening to music online. With a regular income, I find it normal to spend a few euros a month with extensive catalogs of films / TV shows / music series. I find it much more practical: no endless search for films on the Internet, no unwanted ads, HD quality for video and audio and language selection (original French, German or English version with subtitles, etc.). Please note that there are two other types of streaming sites: replay sites (where you can watch TV shows after they are broadcast) and VOD sites (short for Video on Demand in English or video app), where you can purchase content individually.

How to watch movies online without registration

But we all have different approaches to paid / free spending and not all of us have the same financial resources ... A few days ago a friend asked me about the difficulty of finding a free website to stream without signing up for the website have to. Here is a summary of some tips I gave him to find a free movie if he wanted it and the best streaming site.

If you want to watch streaming content for free, you should visit a streaming platform such as FMovies, 123movies, GoMovies or any other free streaming site that you can find online or recommend to friends. Streaming series and the latest trend films. You can view your video content directly from your web browser (available on all computers) without installing any specific plug-ins, and even transfer it to your TV using a suitable device such as Chromecast or AirPlay.

Good tips in this area are often passed on orally or on social networks. The best streaming sites are publicly known (whether geeky or not) for free movies, TV shows (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Casa de Papel) are examples of popular streaming (show) or music. These websites offer numerous films, series and documentaries through an often impressive online catalog.

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