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A man checks into a hotel and then goes out onto the ledge. People then start gathering below to see what he will do. The police are called in. The man says he will only talk to Detective Lydia Mercer, a police negotiator. Mercer's last negotiation didn't end well. When she arrives the man refuses to come in. They eventually learn he's a cop who was convicted of stealing a valuable diamond, which he denies. It seems he just escaped from prison and he says he's trying to prove his innocence.

Everyone have heard about the famous Man On A Ledge. Man On A Ledge has the most beautiful end you can ever dream of. The film encourages reflection and, although it is not an outstanding work, it is certainly worth getting acquainted with it. From all the movies I watched last time, Man On A Ledge surprised me the most. The actors of Man On A Ledge doesn't try to become stars of the evening, but they consistently play their roles. The whole plot of Man On A Ledge can be interpreted in many ways, but I think the movie is even too short.... Show more

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Directors: Asger Leth
Countries: United States
Release: 2012-01-26
Duration: 102 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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