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Voyage of the Chimera description:

A young, civilian aristocrat with no practical military experience must lead his bottom-dollar crew on a dangerous mission and overcome his youth, inexperience, and self doubt in this sci-fi drama.

When sitting down to watch Voyage of the Chimera, one should prepare for an unusual session. I can easily recommend. It has a beautiful storyline. The whole movie is complemented by well matched music. I think it's a film properly directed by Michael Gates, which makes us confront our inner, hypocritical self, which makes it last longer. Acting is very real - I believed what I see on the screen. I must admit that thanks to a skilful and insightful approach to the subject, while not falling into exaggerated pathos, a considerable revolution was made in the entertainment cinema.... Show more

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Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 84 min
IMDb Rating: 2.4
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