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In 1950 the North Korean Army invaded and defeated South Korea. The United Nations coalition under General Douglas MacArthur is planning a bold plan called Operation Chromite to attack the South Korean peninsula by disembarking through the port of Incheon. However, there are mines in the water and he must first know the location of the defense. MacArthur sends an eight-member military unit from a Korean liaison office in a secret operation called X-Ray under the command of South Korean Navy Lieutenant Yang Hak-soo to locate the North Korean defense. They disguise themselves as a North Korean control unit to infiltrate the enemy headquarters. However, a senior North Korean colonel Lim Gye-jin suspects Hak-soo and does not give him the location of the mine. What will the spies do?... Show more

rom Operation Chromite you can definitely expect a cinema at an above average level. I sat for a long time after I ended watching Operation Chromite, reflecting on my life. The world of the film reminds us very much and we can identify with each other. The movie starts in a very unusual way. Also did you know that Operation Chromite appeared on the screenings in 2016 and immediately became hit?. And, as it turned out, John H. Lee's film passed the test of time victorious.

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Directors: John H. Lee
Countries: Korea
Release: 2016-07-27
Duration: 111 min
IMDb Rating: 6.2
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