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James and Catherine Ballard are a married couple whose sex lives have been reduced to telling each other about infidelity in order to get involved. One night James causes a head-on collision with a car in which Dr. Helen Remington is transported, killing her husband and seriously injuring herself and herself. Later encounters prove that she is sexually enthusiastic about the risk of car accidents and possible accidents, and he soon falls into the cult of car accident fetishists and invites his wife to join them. The group is led by Vaughan, a former scientist who has twisted in his own disfigurement due to a man obsessed with car accidents that release sexual energy. Vaughan introduces Ballards and Dr. Remington into his surreal world of sex in the back seats of cars, replicating famous car accidents like James Dean and Jayne Mansfield, looking at photos of accident victims, crash film shows as a kind of pornography and Fender Bender as mating rituals.... Show more

Everyone have heard about the famous Crash. I can recommend Crash with a clear conscience to anyone. The whole movie is complemented by well matched music. Crash starts very innocently. Acting is very real - I believed what I see on the screen. Crash gives to the watcher an unusual emotions and this is the beauty of this movie.

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Directors: David Cronenberg
Release: 1996-07-17
Duration: 100 min
IMDb Rating: 6.4
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