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Hoping for a more exciting life than the suburban drawl he currently inhabits, nerdy salary man Morgan Sullivan takes a job as an industrial spy at Digicorp, a global computer corporation. Digicorp assigns him the duty of flying to various conventions around America, recording the speeches that are made. But when Sullivan meets a mysterious woman he begins to realize that his job may not be what it seems, as he descends into a dark underworld of brainwashing and struggles to maintain his own identity.

Breathtaking film from 2003. I can easily recommend. It has a beautiful storyline. It is not told dynamically, only calmly, with a sense and a certain dose of poetry. The music is very good too. You have to watch online Cypher. Recently, Cypher is again on the screens of our cinemas. Honestly Cypher is the best movie I've watched online last time.

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Directors: Vincenzo Natali
Countries: United States, Canada
Release: 2003-01-18
Duration: 95 min
IMDb Rating: 6.8
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